Monday, March 31, 2008

Method R and Hotsos Symposium

Good catch, Dan.

Hotsos Symposium will still be the Hotsos Symposium. The same cast of characters who are now Method R employees will still contribute to Hotsos Symposium 2009 just like we've done for the past several years.

Today is my Last Day at Hotsos

In October 1999, my friend Gary Goodman and I started a company called Hotsos. In the past eight years, we’ve invented a new method for optimizing Oracle systems, educated thousands of people on how to use it, and written and sold some pretty good software. Today marks the end of my employment at Hotsos.

Over the past few months, Gary and I have negotiated an amicable split agreement that leaves Hotsos well and strong, and that gives me the opportunity to pursue the work that I’m passionate about, as the sole owner. Tomorrow, 1 April 2008 (no foolin’) is the start of operations of Method R Corporation. I’ll bring with me a small group of extraordinary people who share my passion.

Method R will maintain the Hotsos Profiler software product. Hotsos and Method R will both sell the Profiler. Hotsos will maintain its existing Profiler customer relationships, except product support will come now from Method R (from the same development team that supported it at Hotsos).

Method R will own the new SLA Manager product. Method R will also steward the Hotsos ILO open-source project. These projects will also be staffed by the same people that invented and maintained them at Hotsos.

Method R will also own the Hotsos performance diagnosis education curriculum (called, at different points in history, the Hotsos Clinic, PD101, and Oracle Performance Management using Response Time Profiling). Method R also has a license to teach the popular Hotsos SQL optimization curriculum.

For a little while, we will have a simple, very boring web page at Within a couple of weeks, we’ll have a fully operational web site. For a while, Hotsos will forward personal e-mail to me. If you want to reach me directly, I’m cary.millsap at the new domain.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We Do Not Use

It's been a while since I've blogged. You'll soon find out why. I'll step up the volume soon, I promise.

This evening, I came across an old favorite site written by my dear friend Mogens Nørgaard of Miracle Denmark. If you've ever gotten a call from a telemarketer and wanted to hang up but didn't want to seem rude, then visit

Click on «Stories and answers».

It's laugh-out-loud funny. And it works.