Monday, February 14, 2011

It’s Conference Season!

My favorite mode of life is being busy doing something that I enjoy and that I know, beyond a doubt, is the Right Thing to be doing. Any hour I get to spend in that zone is a precious gift.

I’ve been in that zone nearly continuously for the past three weeks. I’ve been doing two of my favorite things: lots of consulting work (helping, earning, and learning), and lots of software development work (which helps me help, earn, and learn even faster).

I’m looking forward to the next four weeks, too, because another Right Thing that I love to do is talk with people about software performance, and three of my favorite events where I can do that are coming right up:
  • RMOUG Training Days, Denver CO — I leave tomorrow. I’m looking forward to reuniting with lots of good friends. My stage time will be Wednesday, February 16th, when I’ll talk about material from my new “Mastering Performance with Extended SQL Trace” paper. 
  • NoCOUG Winter Conference, Pleasanton CA — I’ll be in the east Bay Area on Thursday, February 24th presenting the keynote address where I’ll discuss whether Exadata means never having to “tune” again and then spending two hours helping people to think clearly about performance.
  • Hotsos Symposium, Irving TX — I’ll present “Thinking Clearly about Performance” on Monday, March 7th. I love the agenda at this event. It’s a high quality lineup that is dedicated purely to Oracle software performance. This is one of the very few conferences where I can enjoy sitting and just watching for whole days at a time. If you are interested in Oracle system performance, do not miss this. 
Happy Valentine’s Day. I shall hope to see you soon.