Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hotsos Symposium 2009 Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for Hotsos Symposium 2009 is now open. To submit an abstract proposal for the event, please visit the Call for Papers page. The call will remain open until 24 October. This is your chance to get your name on the agenda and earn a complimentary pass to the event.

I love the Symposium for the people who show up, both the speakers and the attendees. If you've been there, you know: it is the best event of the year for professionals interested in Oracle performance. It's one of the rare places that I can just sit down with a pencil and fill my notebook with answers to long-standing questions and good new ideas to pursue for the coming year.

We've already booked Jonathan Lewis for two technical sessions and the Training Day event, and Tanel Põder has confirmed his participation on the agenda as well. That makes two of my favorites, with lots more on the way.

You're probably aware that earlier this year, I left Hotsos with a few former employees to create Method R Corporation (see our press release for more info). Method R and Hotsos are pleased to continue the tradition of the Hotsos Symposium as a joint venture between our two companies. I hope you'll join us.

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