Friday, January 23, 2009

Jeff and Cary in Utrecht

Here's a very nice post by Marco Gralike about this week's MasterClass that Jeff and I taught in Holland. Thank you to all the students who joined us, and to our friends at Miracle Benelux for producing the event.


Marco Gralike said...

What can I say, except a very big thank you for this special occasion.

I enjoyed it greatly (although my issues with traffic jams and coming and late and stuff) and have a lot off new idea's to think about.


jan van mourik said...

Yeah, I'm jealous! Utrecht is pretty nice isn't it?

Cary Millsap said...

Yes, indeed. Only problem was that nearly the entire time we were there, the whole city was in black and white. There was an hour or so one afternoon (we could see through the classroom windows) when the sun was out and there were colors outside.

But we had a fine time!