Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, OFA Standard

Yesterday I finally posted to the Method R website some of the papers I wrote while I was at Oracle Corporation (1989–1999). You can now find these papers where I am.

When I was uploading my OFA Standard paper, I noticed that today—24 September 2009—is the fourteenth birthday of its publication date. So, even though the original OFA paper was around for a few years before 1995, please join me in celebrating the birthday of the final version of the official OFA Standard document.


Unknown said...

That's one birthday I'm more than happy to celebrate ...


Unknown said...

OFA, now that was (and is) a piece of work to celebrate. It was at the core of so many implementations I did. I might have tweaked bits to suit but at the core was the OFA.

Thanks for that bedrock of oracle architecture Cary

John Ospino Rivas said...

Hi Mr. Millsap
I bought your "Oracle Performance" book last month, and let me tell you it's an excelent book.
Mathematical science and software architecture knowledge must be the right tools for optimizing Oracle performance.
Will be great if you can come around to Madrid, and give us your seminar.

John Ospino Rivas

Cary Millsap said...

Doug, Martin, John:

Thank you all. John, it's been a while since I've been to Madrid. I would enjoy that.


Rick Minutella said...

I recall us sitting next to each other on a plane, reviewing an early version of the OFA paper. I thinks that is when the whole ORACLE vs oradata discussion began.

Martin Berger said...

Congratulations for the paper!
In some points, it makes a lot more sense than its grand-childs in todays documentation. It will become a must-read for every new DBA here.
thank you for providing it!

Unknown said...
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